Sunday, May 9, 2010


In April, 2009, Laszlo and I took off from NJ in our van with art worked from India lashed tightly to the top and headed for the mountains of Mexico. We made it, with adventures along the way. Now, a year latter a woman visits Casa De Socorro, Bed and Breakfast *where we are. Norma from Argentina. A teacher of languages who took a year to travel South America and her last resting point was here in Tepoztlan.

I invited Norma to paint with me. She was fast, fun and intuitive. There are fotos to show. Some are works in progress.


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  2. Tengo un hermoso recuerdo de los dias que estuve en Tepozlan. Un lugar con mucha energia, comida sabrosa y gente muy simpatica!
    Les mando un abrazo a todos los que viven en la casa de Socorro, les recuerdo con cariƱo!!